Cardo reveals new Packtalk Edge on-bike communication system

Packtalk Edge is Cardo’s latest innovation of their on-bike communications system with faster, more secure connection and superior audio quality.

Cardo Systems Packtalk Edge.

CARDO Systems has revealed the Packtalk Edge, an evolution of the Packtalk communications system. 

Cardo’s Packtalk Edge system looks to build on the original Packtalk system by modernising its design; improving the mechanism to attach the system to the user’s helmet; improving the stability and speed of its pairing and connection; improved sound quality; and faster, more efficient charging.

To achieve this, the new Packtalk Edge is slimmer than the previous version, does away with the external antennas, and uses a “magnetic air mount for effortless and secure attachment of [the] unit to [the] helmet,” according to a Cardo press release.

Additionally, the use of Cardo’s own second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication means a faster pairing process than before, making use of a “wide-band intercom.”

Also, the use of Bluetooth 5.2 means that the connection between devices is more stable than before, while a new, noise-cancelling microphone will allow for clearer communication. 

The Packtalk Edge will also mean that the user can keep their attention fully on the road while talking, thanks to the “Natural Voice Operation engine [that] means riders can [...] activate their device by simply saying “Hey, Cardo.”” 

Cardo also quotes the Packtalk Edge’s battery life at 13 hours, while the use of USB-C charging means that battery can be fully recharged quicker than before. Cardo’s press release says, “A quick 20-minute charge gives users two hours of ride time and 1.5-2 hours offers a full charge.”

Software updates for the device will be available through the Cardo Connect app, which means that the device will not require Wi-Fi adapters or other cables to keep it up to date.

Cardo Systems’ CEO, Alon Lumbroso, said, “The Packtalk Edge is the best communication device we have ever developed. With the ultimate audio performance in the industry, a novel Air Mount for rapid and secure attachment, and beautiful sleek, and clean design. The Packtalk Edge is a fantastic flagship to our extensive range of communicators.”

To learn more about the Packtalk Edge, visit Cardo Systems' website, here.