Louis Moto launches Vanucci 30th anniversary discount, Vanucci+ expansion

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Vanucci is expanding Vanucci+ and offering a 57% discount across its 30th anniversary range.

Vanucci 30th anniversary logo.

SINCE launching in 1992, Louis Moto’s Vanucci brand has become one of the most successful in European motorcycling, offering great style and quality in their products. 

Seeking to combine German precision with Italian flamboyance and style, Vanucci covers all bases in motorcycling with their Avventura, Sportivo and Urbano ranges that cover adventure, sports and urban riding, respectively.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, a 57% discount will be available for customers shopping the Vanucci anniversary collection. 

This is in addition to the expansion of the Vanucci+ range, which seeks to offer greater adaptability and customisation by allowing the option to wear all of the individual pieces of the “Plus” range either together or separately, including the climate and thermal membranes.

The expansion of the Vanucci+ range for 2022 will include the VXR-1 rain jacket (from £99.87), the VXU-3 thermal jacket (from £108.19), and the VXR-2 rain jacket (from £108.19). The VXR-1 and VXU-3 can be worn on their own or with a compatible biking jacket, while the VXR-2 is designed to be worn as an outer layer.

Louis Moto’s Quality Manager at Vanucci+, Sieglinde Wulf, said, “We wanted to create a system for our customers that can grow with rider demands, that can be supplemented and expanded as easily and as economically possible.”

“This has also created the added value for the customer - by designing all the components so that they can also be worn individually, customers not only get a thermal lining, but also a nice, warm jacket, for example,” Wulf continued. He added, “We always strive to make out high-quality protective kit as accessible as possible, and now riders can upgrade their kit over time, only ever paying for the components they really want.”

You can check out the Vannucci+ range on Louis Moto’s website, here.