Caberg launches new Levo X modular motorcycle helmet

A new modular/flip-up motorcycle helmet has been launched by Caberg in the form of the new Levo X, which comes in standard, Manta, and Carbon variants.

Caberg Levo X

Caberg has announced the newest motorcycle helmet of its 2023 line-up: the Caberg Levo X, a new modular (flip-up) helmet.

Being a new model, it is mostly unsurprising to see the Caberg Levo X is ECE 22.06-certified. That means an assured level of protection comes with the versatility and comfort offered by a flip-up helmet. Additionally, since the Levo X is compatible with the Caberg Pro Speak Evo system, it has achieved the ECE 22.06 homologation with the system installed.

As a flip-up, the Levo X is of course aimed at the touring market. That means it faces competition from within Caberg’s range, as well as from outside it. Compared to the other modular motorcycle helmets in Caberg’s range, the Levo X is the most expensive at €419.99 (£369 at time of writing, March 2023) for the standard version. There is also the Levo X Manta (the graphic version), at €459.99 (£404 at time of writing), and the Levo X Carbon at €539.99 (£475 at time of writing).

The differences between the versions are graphic options for the Manta, and a carbon shell for the Carbon. The Carbon also weighs 100 grams less than the standard and Manta versions.

As for the Levo X itself, one of its standout points is its weight, which is 1.55kg for the standard version.

In terms of ventilation, Caberg has utilised two front air intakes, paired with two rear extraction ports “to offer optimal comfort even in the most extreme conditions thanks to the channels in the inner shell,” a Caberg press release reads.

Vision has also been a focus of Caberg with the Levo X, which features a “panoramic ultra-wide visor,” Caberg says, that offers 82-degrees of vision. There is also a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog lens, and an integrated Double Visor Tech sun visor.

Inside, Caberg has used breathable fabrics which are removable and washable.

The Caberg Levo X is available now in sizes from XS to XXL. Visit the Caberg website to find your nearest Caberg distributor.

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