Caberg announces two new motorcycle helmet models for 2023

Two new motorcycle helmets have been announced by Caberg for 2023, with the Flyon II and Duke Evo being launched in a range of colours.

Caberg Duke Evo. - Caberg

Caberg has announced two new motorcycle helmet models for its 2023 range, with a new flip-up model and a new jet model joining the fray.

The Italian manufacturer, Caberg, will bring two new models for 2023, with the Duke Evo flip-up and Flyon II jet-style helmet joining its roster.

Eight of the 14 helmets in its 2023 range are ECE 22.06 certified, and Caberg says its 2023 roster is not yet complete. For now, we have news of the Duke Evo and Flyon II additions, which we will discuss below.

2023 Caberg Duke Evo

Caberg has tried to focus on weight with the Duke Evo for 2023, and certainly at 1600 grams it is not a heavy helmet, while still achieving ECE 22.06P/J certification. 

Additionally, features such as a longer chin guard - which is also equipped with air intakes - are designed to increase comfort.

The Duke Evo also features the Double Visor Tech System “which, thanks to an easy-to-operate integrated sun visor, allows to always ride with the right light and therefore with maximum safety,” Caberg says. It is also worth noting that both the sun visor and external visor are scratch-resistant, and the external also features anti-fog properties with its Pinlock 70 lens.

A communication system is also included with the Duke Evo, thanks to Caberg’s own Pro Speak Evo. This system also allows for connectivity to GPS systems or to listen to music from the wearer’s phone. 

The Caberg Duke Evo will be available in the following colours: “Yama Matt Blue”, “White Metal”, “Matt Black”, and “Matt Gun Metal”.

Additionally, it is available in a “Duke Evo Move” graphic version which itself has four colour variants, as well as the “Duke Evo Rusty” version. 

The Caberg Duke Evo will be available in sizes XS to XL, apart from the “Matt Gun Metal/black/fuscia” variant of the “Duke Evo Move” version, which is available in XS to M.

2023 Caberg Flyon II

The Caberg Flyon II will feature ECE 22.06 certification for 2023 and, like the Duke Evo, will feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog external visor. 
Additionally, it will come in two shell sizes, with a small one available in sizes XS to M, and a large one in sizes L to XL. 

There are three single-colour variants for the Flyon II, with “Matt Black”, “White”, and “Matt Grey”, as well as two graphic variants. These are “Flyon II Carbon”, with “a shell entirely of carbon,” according to Caberg, and “Flyon II Boss” which features four bright colour options.

The Caberg Flyon II will be available from May 2023.

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