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Triumph reveals new Bonneville Bobber

New hot rod Bobber launched in London

TRIUMPH has just revealed the latest addition to the Bonneville range – the new Bonneville Bobber at a launch in London’s docklands.

The Bobber is the second recent addition to the Bonneville range following the new T100, which was revealed a couple of weeks ago at Intermot.

The Bobber uses Bonneville T120’s liquid-cooled, eight-valve, SOHC high-torque 1200cc engine. Triumph hasn’t revealed any power figures yet but has told us the engine features a new dual-chamber airbox. The engine has been given a ‘bobber tune’ for this bike, meaning it’s got more low down torque than the T120. Triumph hasn’t released any power figures yet but we expect outright horsepower to remain unchanged at 79hp

The Bobber also features a new slash-cut exhaust system, which Triumph says is shorter and lighter than the T120’s. The bike was ridden into the presentation by Carl Fogarty and much like the rest of the Bonnevilles, it sounded good.

A few nice touches include the carb-styled twin throttle bodies and the battery box. The ignition barrel also sits on the right side of the bike.

The engine is housed in a brand-new frame, which is also joined by new suspension courtesy of new forks which features bespoke damping for this bike. Being a bobber, this is a hard tail bike although the adjustable floating seat sits on top of a cantiliever spring.

The seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards, and up and down to adjust the ride position. In its lowest position its 690mm high. The single clock can also be tilted forwards and backwards.

Like the rest of the bikes in the Bonneville range, although the Bobber might look retro, it features a host of modern touches including ABS, a ride-by-wire throttle and switchable traction control, a torque assist clutch and two riding modes – road and wet. The rear light, indicator and number plate light are all LED.

It’s rolling on Avon Cobra tyres, developed specifically for this bike.

Looks-wise, it’s classic bobber, as you’d rightly exlect from Triumph, which says this bike has ‘peerless authenticity’. To that end, it’s got the typical single bobber seat, stripped back looks, a hard rear end and wide, flat bars.

Triumph says it’s for people that want a modern classic with a bit more attitude and it’s aiming to tempt people who might be looking at bikes like the Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight or Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber.

It will be available in four colours – ‘Modello Red’, ‘Ironstone’, ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Competition Green and Frozen Silver’.

Pricing will be revealed in December and it’ll be available early next year.


Hmm. Nailed it.

snave's picture

Bollocks its a hard tail.
Single shock in a swinging cage.

Why have they gone from twin discs on the T120 to a single on the Bobber?

Defiantly not a hard tail, it just looks like one!

snave's picture

Skillful, how they've hidden all the electrickery. It's kinda like they've taken the H-D approach, and beaten them with it.

I predict this will be Hoooooge in the `States and will piss on Ducati and Guzzi in its niche as city bar transport for beardy trendies who wear sunglasses at night, catching rain in their turnups while swallowing flies through the open face...

Or i suppose one could make a new fashion statement? Anyone do an airbag bow tie, armoured button-down collar shirt and BSi accredited motorcycling bowler?
"I say Jeeves, bring the trumpet rahnd. One is orf for a dashing night at the club with Bonzo and Nigel..."

BubbaDaytona's picture

It just looks like one.
Bobbers are those bikes everyone says look cool, but no one will buy.
The real ones cut off the guard so when they ride through a puddle a thick brown stripe sprays up their cool.

Even the number plate/tail lights off the swinging arm is much neater than the effort on the updated mt09. Just need to clear off the rim around the tank

Looks better then the prototype. Still wouldn't buy one, but I guess people in the market for a bobber will be quite pleased with this one...

snave's picture

It's neat enough it might even persuade a few who have never considered a bought Bobber, don't have a shed, a hammer, hacksaw, or the wherewithal.
It's a vintage style that possibly was waiting on something that was also practical.
Having watched the launch demo could be a never-ending hoot to pull up beside some snide repmobile who thinks its a well-restored classic, then burn the Audi away from the lights..!

Much better effort than the America and Speedmaster.Hope they sell loads but not for me.Looking forward to a new Scrambler.Hurry up Triumph.


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