QJ Motor's new 650 touring bike passes Chinese homologation

QJ Motor is preparing a new touring bike, which has now passed homologation in its home nation of China, but will it come to Europe?

QJ Motor 650 tourer. - Le Repaire des Motards

QJ Motor is getting ready to launch a new 650cc touring bike, and it has now completed the homologation process in China.

The bike’s design was filed last year, in October, although it has only become clear now with the Chinese homologation that the bike will be of the QJ Motor brand. 

Of course, Qianjiang also owns the Italian firm Benelli, whose TKR502 has become one of the most popular adventure bikes, and the best-selling motorcycle of any in Italy in recent times.

But the QJ 650 tourer would appear to be the brand’s appearance in Europe in the touring category, since Le Repaire des Motards reports it will be arriving in France. 

Aside from the name of the brand the bike will bear, its homologation also declares its technical details, which include a 90-degree V-twin of 645cc and 82mm x 62.6mm bore and stroke. Producing 76 horsepower, it will lug 219kg (dry) to a top speed of 185kph (115mph).

Tyres will come without tubes, and with a 100/80-19 at the front and 150/70-17 at the rear, while Brembo will supply the brakes, and KYB the suspension (inverted front fork, and rear monoshock).

Should this tourer indeed make it to Europe, it will mean a curious decision for Qianjiang who, as aforementioned, has already a strong presence in the European touring market with Benelli. In one way, it could be seen as competing against yourself, but on the other hand it could be seen as increasing the overall presence of Qianjiang in the market. 

Lead and second in-text images courtesy of Le Repaire des Motards.

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