Benelli releases updated TRK 502 X in China, will the changes come to Europe?

Benelli has launched an updated version of its TRK 502 X adventure bike in China, with a new aluminium swingarm and TFT displays.

Benelli TRK 502 X. - Benelli

Benelli’s TRK 502 X has found itself in China with new upgrades, such as an aluminium swingarm, TFT displays and spoked rims for tubeless tires. reports that, despite the updates, the 2022 TRK 502 X remains at the same price as the 2021 model, and that, in addition to the aforementioned changes, features tyre pressure sensors and heated grips. 

But, the most important change is undoubtedly the new swingarm. On the current European version, the TRK 502 X features an asymmetric swingarm made of steel tubes. In comparison, the new Chinese version has a swingarm which reports is 3.6kg lighter than before, thanks to the use of cast aluminium rather than steel. 

On the engine side of things, there is nothing new. The TRK 502 X will remain with 47.6 horsepower for now, at least, and aside from the swingarm there are no other chassis changes to the 2022 model. 

It was expected that the headlight for the TRK 502 X would be updated, but instead it has remained the same as before, as has the visual appearance of the bike. 

But, while the actual shape of the bike is unchanged to previous years, there are new graphics, and three new colours for 2022 in China. 

Of course, Benelli has already launched its 2022 TRK 502 X in Europe, so it is unlikely that these changes will make their way over here any time soon. Perhaps Benelli’s owners, Qianjiang Motorcycle, is using its domestic market as a ‘testing ground’ to make sure the new features and changes are well-received before sending them to European and American markets where they might face stiffer competition.