Big range, big speed, big price: Ray 7.7 electric scooter

Ray’s 7.7 125cc-equivalent electric scooter offers 150km of range, a top speed of 125kph, and a price of almost 10,000 euros.

Ray 7.7 electric scooter. - Ray

The Ray 7.7 comes out of Spain as the latest addition to the 125cc-equivalent electric scooter market, with some eye-catching headline figures. 

As you might expect from a new two-wheeler in the 125 category, the 7.7 comes with almost 11kW - 10.7kW (14.3 horsepower) to be precise. It’s competitive, and so is the range, at 150km of combined city and highway driving.

That range comes thanks to a 7.7kWh battery, and the 10.7kW will power the Ray 7.7 to a top speed of 125kph, or 78mph. 

Yesterday (16 June 2022), we wrote about the OX One and OX Patagonia, both of which feature the same battery and motor, and a similar configuration. These electrics share their nationality, as OX is based in Spain the same as Ray, and are also 125cc-equivalent electrics, although OX’s two-wheelers are affirmatively motorcycles, as opposed to the scooter of Ray.

Furthermore, while the One and Patagonia produce 0.5 horsepower more than the 7.7, with 14.8hp each, their charge takes them 50km less than Ray’s scooter, and they take five hours to charge. In comparison, the Ray 7.7 takes four hours and 20 minutes to charge with a normal charger, while with the fast charger the battery can be filled in two hours and 35 minutes.

Moving from engine to chassis, the Ray 7.7 comes with a tubular steel frame with hydraulic front forks with 110mm travel, and dual, nitrogen rear dampers with 95mm travel. As for the brakes, at the front there is a 260mm disc with floating axial dual piston callipers and CBS; while, at the rear, the disc is 220mm, with an axial single piston floating calliper. And those brakes will have some work to do, because the 7.7 weighs 165kg dry, and filling the 33-litre (optional) top box, as well as the under seat storage, will certainly add to that. 

Finally we come to availability and pricing. The 7.7 is currently only available in Spain, although Le Repaire des Motards reports it will soon be available in France, so with that in mind it is not out of the question that it could arrive in the UK at some point. When it does, it might be reasonable to expect it in four colours, since that is the amount available now: “Classic White,” “Black Carbon,” “Grey Matte,” and “Cobalt Matte.” 

Only the white colour option does not add additional cost to the 7.7, which in its base option costs €8,500. Throwing in all the options (fast charger, Type 2 connector enabling charging from car charging points, front screen and top box) the Ray 7.7 comes to €9,800. This is perhaps where the 7.7 falls down compared to the OX One, for example, as its compatriot’s pricing starts much lower, at €5,200.

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