New 2021 Yamaha Bolt | Big V-Twin cruiser for Japan

Yamaha has shown their latest 2021 Bolt R-Spec, the V-Twin cruiser that’s only available for sale in the Japanese market.

Yamaha Bolt R Spec 2021

YAMAHA has unveiled their 2021 edition of the Bolt, a big V-Twin cruiser aimed at the Japanese market - also updated to only be offered in one trim level, sold as the Yamaha Bolt R Spec ABS. 

I’m sure there will be plenty of big cruiser fans in the UK that’ll be a bit gutted to hear this cruiser won’t be landing on British soil. 

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What’s new on the 2021 Yamaha Bolt? 

Reported as priced up at the equivalent of £6,945 (¥ 1,045,000), the Bolt is powered by an air-cooled 941cc V-Twin motor, delivering around 54 PS (53 bhp) @ 5500 rpm and 80 Nm of torque @ 3000 rpm through a 5-speed transmission and final belt drive - as a good old cruiser should.

Due to being the specced up model, the R Spec comes with alloy wheels with a brushed metal finish, twin piggy-back reservoir shocks, tubeless tyres, and an additional ‘Grayish Blue Metallic’ colourway to pair with the current ‘Metallic Black’ option. 

With 41mm telescopic forks and dual cradle frame, the wet weight sits at a hefty 252kg, and is stopped with front & rear 282mm petal brakes with dual-channel ABS, a 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheel, and a 13-litre fuel tank.

Stylistically it sits up there with the classic American inspired cruisers, but as mentioned it’s highly unlikely to be shipped off for sale anywhere other than the home Japanese market. Which is a shame, really - there’s definitely room for more cruisers in UK dealerships. 

Would you want to see the Bolt make it to the UK, or would you rather stick with Harley-Davidsons, Indian Motorcycles, and the BMW R18