Innovative hubless Verge TS can hit 180km/h, showcases industry first tech

Clever technology that allows for a hubless design and no chains allows the electric Verge TS to reach 100km/h in less than four seconds..

Verge TS 4.jpg

The curious Verge TS has been revealed in preparation for production boasting an innovative approach to electric motorcycle design, not least its eye-catching hubless rear quarter.

This isn’t the first time we have seen the Verge TS since it was first previewed back in February 2019.

Since then though the Finnish company has undergone a change of brand and spent the last 32 months honing the design and technology to bring the Verge E2 to market.

The result is a bike that stays true to the concept, which means it remains a head turner and is arguably more attractive than most electric powered creations, even if the hefty mid-section of the bike leaves you in no doubt this bike runs on ‘leccy rather than petrol.

Beyond that rear end - which we will get to in a moment - the rest of the design features a bluff front-end that borrows rather heavily from the new Suzuki GSX-S1000, though it does also remind us of staring down the barrel of a gun too!

The hubless design is a thing of wonder, not least because peering at it doesn’t really give away its secrets. The electromagnets in the rim repel one another, allowing the outer portion of the rum to turn and thus drive the bike forward. Clever stuff, and there are genuine benefits for the real world too.

According to Verge, the TS produces 80kW and 1000Nm of torque, propelling you to 100km/h in under four seconds and get on all the way up to 180km/h! It also says it can reach a range of 200-300km, with 15mins of charging allowing 100km of range.

With the industry first integrated motor featuring no chains, no oils and minimal maintenance, the Verge TS is certainly a very interesting take on the electric motorcycle formula and we can imagine some of the more mainstream manufacturers will be poring over this to get some ideas.

Prices start at €24,300, putting it in range with the Energica Ego, but more than the recently relaunched LiveWire ONE.

Correction: An original version of this article suggested the Verge TS could reach 180km/h in under four seconds. This is in fact the top speed, with the Verge TS reaching 100km/h in under four seconds.