CCM announces new flat track inspired Tracker motorcycle

CCM's new Tracker takes its cues and inspiration from a relatively obvious racing source, and features attractive looks and updated components. 

Two CCM Trackers, one in Petrol Blue, one in chrome. - CCM

CCM has announced a new flat track-inspired motorcycle, the Tracker, featuring an old school look with latest-spec technology. 

Frustratingly, the bike shares major similarities in its name with the Tracker 125 that was recently launched by Bluroc. That is just something we are going to have to deal with.

The CCM Tracker leans into the heritage of the British brand in flat track racing, which, as CCM says in a press release, “has seen a real resurgence in recent years as it provides lots of excitement and fun at an affordable level on machines with real presence.”

The Tracker will feature a new, carbon exhaust cap, which tips what is a brand new exhaust system for the bike, which itself takes heavy inspiration from the world of flat track. 

Along that line, the bike features mid-position bars, like a scrambler; competition number boards; and road-legal flat track tyres from Mitas. 

Furthermore, there are Black Edition brake callipers from J. Juan; ancillary components anodised in black, as well as the front forks; a ‘titanium grey’ radiator guard; a hydraulic clutch from Magura; multi-function lights both front and rear; 19-inch wheels from Haan; and a selection of two colours. 

Those colours are “Petrol Blue with black wheels” and “chrome bodywork with gold wheels.” 

The base, Petrol Blue, version will cost £10,695, while the chrome version takes the price up to £11,495, plus OTR charges of £117. 

When the CCM Tracker was tested in Buxton recently, five-times British Flat Track Champion Aiden Collins said about the bike: “This bike feels right – like it was built to race.”

Obviously, it wasn’t built to race. Instead, it was built for the roads, where you will be able to ride it soon.

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