You Can Buy a Triumph Scrambler 900 for as Little as the New 400

The new Scrambler 400 X is the new entry point into the Triumph range, but if you want more capacity for the same price a trip back in time is needed

2015 Triumph Scrambler 900. - Superbike Factory

The Triumph Scrambler 900 may well be a new model in Triumph’s 2024 range, but as it’s also been around a while, older versions can prove to be a bit of a bargain.

At least, it can if spending £5,495 on a motorcycle is your idea of a bargain. That’s kind of subjective, but that price tag is objectively factual in the case of the Scrambler 900 pictured here.

It’s also a tag that puts it right in the range of the new Triumph Speed 400 and Triumph Scrambler 400 X, which cost £4,995 and £5,595, respectively. 

So that means, straight up, that you can buy a Scrambler 900 (with 12,705 miles on the clock) for £100 less than a (brand new) Triumph Scrambler 400. 

The 2015 Scrambler 900’s 865cc engine was derived from that used in the Bonneville in 2006 when the original Scrambler 900 debuted. It did, though, make one critical change. By replacing the Bonneville’s 360-degree crank with a 270-degree unit, Triumph made the Scrambler 900 a 270-degree parallel twin, which by now is one of the most popular engine configurations in modern motorcycling. 

That motor also remains fairly competitive with today’s newer, 900cc Scrambler 900: 2015’s 63bhp and 5lb ft compares against today’s 64bhp and 59lb ft. That’s not too bad, and compared to the similarly-priced Scrambler 400 X’s 38bhp and 28lb ft it’s positively punchy.

So, if you were thinking about buying a new Scrambler 400 X (and have a licence higher than A2), it might also be worth considering a slightly aged Scrambler 900, for more performance and slightly less cash.

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