Suzuki Hayabusa Recalled Over Brake Concerns

Suzuki GB has issued a recall for the Suzuki Hayabusa owing to a suspected issue in relating to the model’s braking system, specifically the ABS

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The Suzuki Hayabusa has been recalled in the UK due to an issue with the bike’s anti-lock braking system.

In the US, a recall on the 2024 Suzuki Hayabusa was issued on 18 January 2024, for a problem relating to the ABS hydraulic unit flare nut, which is not properly tightened. The issue was detected at Suzuki’s Hamamatsu plant in Japan, and could therefore be an issue in places outside of the US.

Suzuki GB has confirmed to Visordown that a DVSA-approved recall has also been issued in the UK, where 17 motorcycles are suspected to be affected.

When contacted by Visordown on the subject of the flare nut, Suzuki GB said: “We have identified that, in a small number of cases, the tightening of the flare nuts that fasten the brake lines to the ABS unit may be insufficient.

“In the worst case, during operation these may become loose and result in a brake fluid leak and increased stopping distance. In the UK only 17 customers are affected and we have launched a DVSA approved recall to rectify the issue.”

A separate issue led to a recall of the Hayabusa last year. According to the UK government’s vehicle recall website, the issue is due to a problem in the front brake master cylinder body.

It says: “The fluid passage within the front brake master cylinder body may remain closed with the brake lever released due to improper position of the passage for adjusting the brake fluid pressure.” The result, the government website says, can be brake lever play and extended braking distances. “This can lead to excessive brake lever play under certain conditions and in the worst case the braking distance may increase,” the website says of the result of the issue.

In total, 484 vehicles are potentially affected by the issue in the UK, where the recall was issued on 14 March 2023.

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