Follow The M - The mysterious teaser from KSR Group

The Austrian motorcycle group KSR is teasing us, with a big reveal planned for the 4th of February - let's have a look at the clues...

follow the M KSR Group

KSR Group from Austria has got something in the pipeline for us, with the reveal planned for Thursday the 4th of February… we’ll be following the M all the way to see what we find.

They’ve been teasing us for quite a while, and at the moment we know very little about what is planned, but from the website, they are promising us “It will be very exciting!”. Well, colour me intrigued!

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The KSR group owns and/or distributers a few brands in the UK & Europe that you’ll recognise: two in the UK with Lambretta & Brixton, whilst distributing Royal Enfield, Benelli, Niu & Malaguti in mainland Europe. There's a clue - it's probably something to do with these brands.

What is Follow The M?

We know KSR Group as the distributers of bikes, so chances are it's a new range under their wing ready to leave the nest. These are all models focusing on the lower end of the CC market, mostly 50cc - 125cc machines, therefore it's most likely something in that range. Another clue!

With a bit of minor detective work (very minor) with the clues we’ve got so far: we’re probably looking at a launch or re-launch of some Malaguti (M?) models. It’s highly likely this is going to be just for the European market, likely focusing on Italy, but I suppose that’ll be revealed tomorrow.

So far, building our dossier of clues, we’ve had a movie-esque teaser involving a ‘Max Deeps’ seen on the Follow The M website, who says: “Every time the M called for me, it felt like entering into a new world…” whilst he yawns at his desk in his underwear & shirt - the ultimate working-from-home attire. Plus the more visual ‘Follow the M’ video call by a lady holding a motorcycle helmet, and telling us to Follow The M - yes miss, I'm trying!

There’s been a bit of hype building beneath the surface, but to be fair to KSR they’ve done well to keep it nice and secretive. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know what we find out tomorrow, the 4th of February, when the covers are pulled. Or it’ll be more clues, in which case we’ll need to dust off the trench-coat and deerstalker hat. If it's as juicy as made out to be, we'll be back to let you know!