Visordown readers' top 10 Kawasakis

We've had a look at your reviews and ratings, and then we've done the maths. Here are your top 10 Kawasakis

HERE are your top 10 Kawasakis, as voted for by you.

We've taken all the Kwaks from our huge database with five reviews or more, then averaged out owners' detailed ratings on the engine, brakes, handling, comfort and build to bring you the consumer's top 10. The higher the score, the more highly rated the bike.

Remember, this list is created using your reviews and ratings.


10. W650 (1999 - 2005): 4.08/5

Ironically, the W650 is more of a copy of the original Bonneville than Triumph has managed. The bad point is it has Kawasaki on the tank, which isn’t very retro cool, but on the plus side the W650 feels like a proper retro, looks the part and is actually a good bike to ride. The brakes could be more powerful and the suspension could be firmer, but the W650 is a surprisingly good bike.

9. ZX-10R (2004 - 2005): 4.12/5       

The 2004 ZX-10R is one of those bikes universally classed in the hooligan category. It has 600cc dimensions and an engine that produces 173bhp at 11,000rpm, but unlike ZX-6s the 10’s stability is faultless at all speeds. It’s a machine for those who eat their bacon raw and clean their teeth with a wire brush, the hardcore. It’s harsh and uncompromising for the road, the inexperienced definitely need not apply.

=7. ZZ-R1200 (2002 - 2005): 4.2/5      

The ZZ-R1200 is a facelift update of the ZZ-R1100, a slightly refreshed and refined version for sure, but still a raw and comparatively old-fashioned bike. The motor’s got some poke though. It’s not the sheer sledgehammer punch of a Hayabusa. Nope, it is plain old-fashioned shove bred from the bike’s whopping 90ft-lbs of torque rather than outright power, although 146bhp at the back wheel is still not to be taken lightly. It’s big, it’ll take all the luggage you can strap to it without batting an eyelid, and it’s very comfortable to ride.

=7. Z1000SX (2011 - present): 4.2/5        

The Z1000SX is Kawasaki’s best-selling model in the UK. It’s a bit like a step back from today’s sportsbikes to when they were still incredibly fast but easier to live with, with more concessions to comfort and common sense. The 2014 model has 140bhp and 81.8lbft of torque, monobloc brakes with optional ABS and a sophisticated electronics package. The SX returns around 40mpg which may not be touring bike territory, but Kawasaki say this bike is aimed at former sportsbike riders.

6. ZX-10R (2006 - 2007): 4.27/5

Still as mad as a box of frogs, fuelling and handling is now improved making it more controllable and less scary than the original model – an outstanding bike that was perhaps a bit too mad and bad for its own good. Almost everything has been changed including the old low-slung exhaust, replaced by new twin high-level silencers. It’s still very much a ZX-10R though, with an addictive blend of raw acceleration and high-revving smoothness. The unchanged max output of 173bhp sends it tonking towards it’s 13,000rpm redline through the lower gears.

5. ZX-6R (2005 - 2006): 4.40/5      

Although technically not a 'true' 600, the Ninja's 636cc engine pushes out around 8 more than other 600s and who doesn't appreciate a bit of extra poke? Kawasaki threw all the goods at this one with radial calipers, petal discs, Showa suspension and a slipper clutch. The sporty riding position and highly-strung motor can make it a pain to ride on the roads. However, get the Ninja on track and the perfect fuelling of the screaming motor make it an extremely rewarding bike.

4. ZZR1400 (2006 - 2011): 4.42/5

Want to go everywhere at 150mph? Well, the ZZR1400 will do that for you. But you don't have to go everywhere and have the Guinnness Book of Records crew following you around; the ZZR1400 will cruise, commute and play like the best sportsbikes. It's sharper than the Hayabusa in almost every aspect, but it lacks the very bottom end grunt of the Suzuki. A great package for two-up touring, but just watch the rate at which it gets through tyres...

3. ZX-9R E1-E2 (2000 - 2001): 4.43/5

Fast touring down to the South of France, hack the Sunday blast with your mates, scratch with the best of them and still show 180mph on the speedo when you need it to, the ZX-9R makes a lot of sense. The soft suspension limits the potential of the bike for hard track use, but makes it more comfortable and more stable at road-going speeds. Not as sharp as the Blade's or R1's, but plenty good enough, and better than the GSX-R's. All this makes for a fast, and unflustered road package.

=1. ZX-6R B1H-B2H (2003 - 2004): 4.5/5

The 03-04 era ZX-10R and MotoGP ZX-RR machines had a clear influence on the design of the ZX-6R. It’s best feature is the free-revving 130bhp motor (claimed, and 136 with ram air effect), which starts with a wail around 8,000rpm then develops into a full banshee scream en route to the 15,500rpm rev limit. New Showa suspension and petal discs front and rear complemented the fresh new look.

=1. ZX-10R (2011 - present): 4.5/5

Supersport dimensions, a claimed 200bhp at the crank, and sophisticated traction control that monitors front and rear wheel speed, engine rpm, throttle position, current spin rate and acceleration every half of a split-second. Kawasaki really upped their game, making the new ZX-10R a full 10kg less than the outgoing model. And It’s the only bike to really contend with BMW’s flagship S1000RR superbike on track.

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