Top 10 current supermotos

Want to get in on the SM scene?

SUPERMOTOS are about as divisive as motorcycles can be – some reckon they’re as thrilling as a motorcycle can be while many dismiss them as impractical, uncomfortable and slow.

The truth is that they’re all those things. At the moment it seems the anti-supermoto crowd is making the more persuasive argument, as a glance at the range of machines on sale today reveals that most of the bikes that made up our last supermoto top 10, back in 2010, have quietly slipped from showrooms and haven’t been replaced. In these austere times, perhaps the idea of a bike that has absolutely no practical purpose is just too hard to justify.

So, of the slim pickings on the table, which machines should make our top 10? 

10. Honda MSX125: £2,799

Is it a supermoto? Is it monkey bike? Is it really worthy of this list? Well, on the basis that it’s vaguely supermoto-shaped and far more fun than anything of its limited size and performance has any right to be, it’s in. With 9.7bhp on tap you’re not going to be powersliding around too many corners, and if you’re a typical middle-aged motorcyclist you’re going to look absolutely ridiculous on it, but if you can put your self-consciousness to one side and unleash your inner teenager the MSX is sure to leave you with a grin on your face. For added amusement, don’t call it an MSX125 – it’s American name, “Grom”, seems much more suitable.