5 tips for photographing your motorcycle

You're proud of it - so take a photo to be proud of too

HOW many times have you been scouring your favourite magazines, websites, forums, Facebook groups and Instagram accountS and seen an awesome photograph of a bike and realised you haven’t got a sweet photo of your own machine?

If you’ve ever been inspired to go out a get a that’s inspired you to capture your pride and joy in a way that does justice to your pride of ownership?

With high-level photography equipment becoming ever more affordable and accessible, it’s easier than ever to lay your hands on cameras and lenses that can provide the sharpness, clarity, detail and performance once reserved for professional snappers.

But getting a peach of a pic doesn’t require you to spend thousands of pounds on camera kit. You can still capture a keeper with even the most entry level digital SLR camera and a basic lens (costing just a few hundred pounds). If a complex looking camera like that doesn’t appeal to you, then a half decent camera that’ll give you control over your shutter speed and aperture settings will help do the job.

Taking a sweet shot of your bike doesn’t have to be difficult and with this simple guide you’ll be on the way to getting a great shot of your bike – the kind of photo that have you replacing the family portrait in the lounge with the beauty of your bike.

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