6 best products to keep you cool whilst riding your motorcycle

Visordown looks at the best motorcycle related products to keep you cool during a summer heatwave. 

6 best products to keep you cool whilst riding your motorcycle

There are loads of great products out there to help you stay nice and chilled this summer. Don’t be a squid and ride in shorts and flip flops... keep it real and stay protected, yet cool.

Hydration pack

It may seem obvious, but being fully hydrated before you hop on your bike and staying hydrated whilst riding is a great way to stay cool because you can perspire/ sweat like a pig. Sweating causes an endothermic reaction (cooling) when the liquid evaporates from your skin. So to keep this marvelous reaction happening, staying hydrated is key because your body can afford to lose some excess H2O. 

We recommend the Kriega Hydro 3 Back Pack, which has a massive 3L capacity, 3M reflective strips, and a fully adjustable back - so it can suit all shapes and sizes of rider. Although, the best part about the Hydro 3 is its 10-year guarantee! 

Price: £109.99

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Cooling vest

Sweating is good then, but sweating uncontrollably isn’t the most efficient way to stay cool.  A product to manage sweat release is a cooling vest, which is worn underneath your vented textile jacket to give the feeling that the AC on.  

The Alpine Star MX Cooling vest is a good affordable option that keeps you cool by its polymer embedded construction, that has been designed to absorb and slowly release water - significantly enhancing your body's ability to stay cool. 

Price: £48.99

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Moving and keeping air flowing through your gear is the best way to stay cool, but for people who ride through cities, moving isn’t always an option. How do you keep the air flowing through your textile jacket whilst static, you may ask? Enter, the Ventz Air Flow System. 

The Ventz blows cool air up your jacket sleeves, which reduces discomfort when stuck in static traffic and at slow speeds. Although it may look a little odd, good airflow is king, and these babies work a treat.  

Price: £13.98

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Textile jacket

Picking the right jacket can seem like a bit of a minefield, as there are so many variations out there. For the summer, we’d recommend staying away from leather because it doesn’t breathe well. Most textile jackets have a removable thermal lining and an air vent on the back, but sometimes this still doesn't cut it. If so, the next step is a textile mesh jacket. 

We recommend the Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket as it offers all the CE approved protections of a conventional textile jacket, just with tonnes more breathability, thanks to its breathable and perforated Sanitized liner.

Price: £269.95

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Moving down to the legs then. We’d recommend loose-fitting kevlar jeans. However, as your legs sit next to the piping hot engine they’re going to get a warm either way. 

Draggin Jeans designs some tough and lightweight cargo trousers, fitted with CE approved protection. 

Price: £159.99

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With gloves the more breathable the better, therefore textile construction is the best option. We recommend the Dakar inspired Djado unisex gloves by Dainese. 

These gloves are ideal for summers rides with their tough suede palm construction and breathable elasticated back. 

Price: £59.95

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Quick tips for staying cool

  • Wet your cotton balaclava before putting it around your neck, as the evaporation will cause cooling

  • Open all air vents on your jacket and helmet

  • Find a route with less traffic, this will keep precious air flowing through your gear

  • Take regular breaks from the sun (if on a long journey)

  • Wear black riding gear, Here’s the reason why...