Norton Norton V4 RR

Norton V4 RR
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Norton's V4 RR uses an all-new 1200cc engine making a reasonably astonishing claimed 200bhp.

Designed and manufactured in Norton's factory in Derby, it features a hand-built aluminium frame which the firms says was developed from its SG5 TT race bike's chassis.

They feature the latest electronic witchcraft too, with a six-axis inertial measurement unit feeding data like lean angle to multi-setting traction-control, anti-wheelie, and launch control systems.

It's got adjustable engine braking, a quick-shifter with down-shift auto-blipper, riding modes, an on-board data logging system and even cruise control (like you'll be cruising). Bodywork is carbon-fibre and available in 'raw carbon' finish or chrome.

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