Hair dryer or speed gun?

Go too fast past Jean's house and you’ll get blown away

THIS IS JEAN Brooks and if you ride past her house to quickly, she’ll dish out a drive-by blow dry.

Jean, who lives in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire has taken to using her hairdryer as a pretend speed gun in an effort to deter motorists from speeding down her street.

With the police seemingly unable to clamp down on loud, speeding and antisocial motorists in her area, she had the inspired idea of pretending her hair dryer is a radar gun – and it’s working. She says that by picking up a hair dryer and pointing it at motorists ‘I have never seen so many people’s brake lights go on.’

We wonder if her crusade is perm-anant and whether it will stop anyone from dyeing. At least it’ll stop people hairing down her road. It might even put a few road users on the straightener and narrow….