Young female motorcycle influencer unmasked as 50-year-old man!

A motorcycle influencer with 18k followers has been using Faceapp to appear 30 years younger - and a woman! Nice hair either way, it has to be said.

Catfish nippon rider Yamaha

BIZARRE news, as a 50-year-old motorcyclist has been found to be the real face behind a young female motorcycle influencer in Japan, who has built an online following of over 18 thousand people!

The 50-year-old man named Zonggu (on Twitter as @azusagakuyuki) was tracked down by a TV show who wanted to confirm suspicions of those online who had spotted clues in ‘his’ photos - and when the helmet came off, so did the mask.

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He had been using editing software (and apps like FaceApp) to morph himself into a ‘younger beautiful woman’ - his reasoning being that he thought nobody would be interested in what ‘an old uncle’ had to say online.

The clues that some followers had spotted included a reflection of a man in a wing mirror, and an unusually hairy arm for a woman in one picture.

Weirder still, despite the 'unmasking', he/she continues to post with altered images, and a growing following!

Some followers thought the editing was done simply to make her ‘more beautiful’, to build a bigger following online. Zonggu did admit it felt nice to become an online celebrity when he was asked by the Nippon TV show cameras... fame, eh.

Is that motorcycle influencer who they say they are?

The online personality would be seen riding around on a pretty mint-looking Yamaha TZR-250R, and even pictured working on it in the garage.

Whilst the story is quite bizarre and amusing, yet it does also raise a few concerns about identity online. Naturally, pictures and videos can be edited and adjusted. In this case, it appears fairly innocent, with intentions of just being seen & heard. But the alternative grim-reality of grooming and misleading profiles does raise alarm bells.

Be vigilant out there, especially when it comes to catfish, Visordown gang.