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You won’t want to miss this, Axell Hodges levelling up in his latest edition of the Slayground series. 

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AXELL HODGES - the thing this guy can pull off on a motocross bike is quite simply unreal. 

Riding at his private compound in San Diego, California, the 24-year-old makes it look so easy you start believing you could pull it off yourself…! 

WATCH: Slayground 3 from Axell Hodges

The entire compound is the result of meticulous work from him and his team, with all of the jumps and tricks being planned and built by Hodges himself (and his mates, no doubt). 

Axell Hodges said

“Look forward to lots of new tricks, plenty of new jumps, some big whips, and technical wheelies. We tried to cover it all and created an entirely new course for the video. So there are lots to get excited about,” 

“For this one, I was mostly just stoked to finally get my own compound and having the chance to build all the new jumps, build something new and scary. We just wanted to make a cool dirt bike video and do something gnarly.”

Aside from the sheer talent of his riding, the cinematography and filming is next-level stuff. You think it’s hard enough riding the course, have a minutes thought to the helicopter pilot who had to film him doing it all! 

“It’s always hard getting the action right. Especially that first shot of the whole line through the compound was hard to catch from the helicopter. It’s a one-shot take featuring more than 20 jumps. And the first time I made it all the way through, the camera had cut my head off,”

“So we had to do a retake, and I’m in my windbreaker just sweating away. I was getting pretty gassed towards the end of it, but I’m really stoked it worked out.” 

I’ve dreamt about riding a motocross bike like this, many times… but then I wake up. I mean landing a backflip on one wheel, and power it out… and that’s only one clip of it!

Enjoy the 7 minutes of action. I know I did.

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