Who would have guessed, Jonathan Rea has passed his motorcycle test first time!

Watch out Northern Ireland, 6 time back-to-back WorldSBK winner Jonathan Rea has passed his Cat A motorcycle test first time.

Jonathan Rea passes motorcycle test

IN news that is in no way surprising but interesting all the same, 6 time back-to-back WorldSBK champ Jonathan Rea has passed his full motorcycle test in Northern Ireland - and shared his experience with us all on his YouTube channel. 

Following on from Part 1, where he passes his CBT and is getting prepared for the test, Rea is riding on the Kawasaki Z650 for both Module 1 & Module 2.

In the video on his channel, he mentions that his test was booked in quickly and taking the slot of a cancellation, which happened to be right before he left for Misano & Round 3 of the 2021 WorldSBK calendar. 

Officially the fastest man in Northern Ireland, Jonathan Rea

Before a last-minute search for his paperwork before setting off to the test centre - proof that this happens to everyone - the fastest man in Northern Ireland passes first time, and in the words of the examiner, it was pretty faultless.

I’d expect no less! But in fairness, regardless of your ability on a bike, riding under test conditions is always stressful. Anything can happen out on the road, and most of the time it’s the other road users you’re looking out for.

The question now is what ‘first bike’ Rea will have ready and waiting for him in the garage. He does say in the video, but it’s bleeped out!

No doubt it'll be a Kawasaki. My money is a Kawasaki ZX-10R, but maybe he’ll go for something a little more sensible for his first road bike? Z900RS cafe, perhaps? 

Or even an adventure flavoured Kawasaki Versys, his career did have roots in motocross after all.

Either way, congrats Rea!

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