Evil Knieval on a budget? More like a Fail Gail...

The internet is a hive of success and failures... but when it comes to the general populous on motorcycles, let's just say there is a lot of the latter

Instagram fail

We are going to start this article with a disclaimer.

We at Visordown do not condone stunts that aren’t conducted by professionals in controlled conditions. We also don’t want to take any pleasure from someone’s, umm, misfortune. 

But there is a reason why the word ‘Schadenfreude’ is well-known in the English language even if there isn’t a direct translation for the German term. Put simply it is ‘pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune…’ Oh, OK so we are doing exactly that here. 

OK, we’ll make an exception on the premise the foolhardy rider here was OK in the very we giggle at You’ve Been Framed or intentionally seek out those ‘FAIL’ compilation videos on YouTube.

The set up here is quite simple if questionable; a backyard romp of a scooter rider looking to do some Evil Knieval stunting on a lower budget, much lower speed and nothing in the way of protective equipment, by scaling the heights over a blow up swimming pool.

We won’t spoil the ending but suffice to say that was some impressive air he got there… just a shame he didn’t quite stick the landing… or did he?

The clip comes from a set of videos on an Instagram channel named ‘badlucktube’ which we will allow you to scour at your leisure rather than post liberally here because we’re a) sceptical at whether these ‘happened to be filmed’ incidents were spontaneous and b) we genuinely don’t like seeing people get hurt.

But Schadenfreude is Schadenfreude is just that so if you want to giggle, wince or go ‘holy s**t’ then by all means knock yourself out… not literally of course, our disclaimer still applies!