Who needs suspension when you have style? Honda Dax ‘Ramone’ custom chopper

A custom baby chopper built by Lemb Inc & Muklay of Indonesia. This Honda Dax is named Ramone - after the Disney Cars Impala Low Rider of the same name.

Honda Dax custom chopper Ramone

BUILT from the Honda ST series minibike (known as the Dax in Europe & Japan), this custom baby chopper is the brain child of Jakarta-based Lemb Inc & Indonesian artist Muklay. 

When Muklay approached Lemb Inc, he was searching for a ‘wild mini custom’ that could make use of the old C70 motor he had laying about. Lemb Inc sourced the Dax frame, tank and swingarm, whilst Muklay got to designing the style to be emblazoned on the finished product - with idea of a 70s styled flames & candy purple design in mind. 

It wasn’t until the design was realised that correlations were drawn between the baby chopper and the Disney Cars low-rider ‘Ramone’, who share a strikingly similar appearance… and thus the name was decided. 

Most glaringly obvious is the obscene 107cm solid front forks giving this baby chopper the full custom chopper look, with 10-inch wire spoked hoops front & rear (and running low pressures to at least offer some semblance of damping on the ride). 

It’s all fun and games until you hit a pothole. 

Looking past the ‘comfort’, Ramone also houses a kickback seat that required a full rework of the Dax frame’s rear-end. Pairing the flicked seat is a trick exhaust pointing skywards, and a hand-shifter on the left side. 

Unfortunately, the build faced a few issues. First up, the C70 motor was simply not fit for purpose - a bent valve and piston that had seen better days. Rather than face a rebuild, Lemb sourced a C86 Supercub unit. 

Then, as the project was being wrapped up, thieves broke into the Lemb HQ and stole their tools - and in true scumbag fashion, knocked over Ramone and caused severe damage to the candy paint and body. 

Honda Dax 'Ramone' custom chopper - you have to see it to believe it

RSSQ painting, a friend of the Lemb workshop, was able to repair the damage and sort the paintwork out - and to an unbelievable degree, no remnants of damage are visible. 

Ramone is a seriously cool Honda Dax chopper, it will certainly be the centre of attention wherever it goes - but I wouldn’t quite fancy hurling it down any bumpy roads in a hurry.

Source: Pipeburn

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