WATCH: Is this the ultimate ‘ghost rider’?

Somewhere along the road, rider and bike have become separated. But that doesn’t stop the bike

A GHOST RIDER, the classic bike trick from those hazy summer days at the park with your mates. One of your pals would grab their Raleigh Burner and pedal like their Pannini sticker album depended on it. When they were confident they’d reached the optimum speed, they’d hop off the back and run like fury to match the speed of the ground.

From here the bike would spookily carry on, sans the rider, and the whoops and cheers from the acne-riddled onlookers would intensify as the rider slid along the ground on their face.

So, what we can glean from this is that a ghost rider are bad, even on bicycles they will usually precede a trip to A+E, or worse – the dentist. All this kind of makes the above video all the more confusing.

One minute we see two pals out on their sportspikes, enjoying what looks to be a thoroughly good day to be alive. The film, shot on a rider’s helmet cam, shows them pull away in front of his Kawasaki Ninja riding friend before noticing that something is wrong and pulling over to check what happened.

Turning around to see where the riding buddy has gone, and we are met with the worrying sight of a Kawasaki Ninja heading towards us with nobody in the saddle!

Whatever it was that lead to the rider and bike parting company – we hope they’re okay.

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