WATCH: Pedestrian knocks motorcyclist off bike, runs off to get bus

The impatient woman shows no remorse

THIS IS the moment a pedestrian knocked a motorcyclist from his bike, before jumping to her feet and running to get her bus. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Animosus yesterday, with the caption 'Pedestrian 0, me also 0'.

In the clip, the girl can be seen attempting to dart across a crossing behind a van while traffic was on a green light. Unfortunately, the approaching motorcyclist doesn't have time to swerve and collides with her, sending them both flying. 

But rather than appearing apologetic for the accident she'd just caused, the girl stands up and brushes her self off, announcing that she 'has to get her bus'.

"Are you kidding?" the rider angrily asks as he attempts to pick his bike up. 

Viewers have responded angrily to the clip, with many slamming the girl for her 'ridiculous' behaviour. 

Thankfully, the bike wasn't seriously damaged, with the uploader commenting: "Bike didn't suffer much damage other than some bar and and engine cover scratches."