WATCH: Moped thieves use ramming technique on potential victim

A gang of moped and motorcycle criminals has been spotted on CCTV using a ramming technique to rob potential victims

Moped criminals

A frightful video has emerged of a gang of moped thieves ramming a man off his moped in broad daylight, then assaulting him repeatedly and attempting to steal his moped. 

The brazen assault/attempted theft took place in Bedminster, Bristol, and the video was posted online by Stolen Motorcycle and Recovery London


The clip demonstrates the level of violence these criminals are willing to resort to in order to steal a moped. But, clearly to the victim this it isn’t just a moped... it’s his livelihood and he puts up a gallant fight to protect it - even performing a pretty radical flying karate kick on one of the robbers.

For his resistance, he received a number of blows with a helmet, numerous punches and a couple of kicks to the head whilst he was down. Stealing a bike is low, but kicking an innocent man in the head whilst he’s down is repugnant. 

After the scrap with the thieves running away with their tails between their legs, the brave vigilant not only kept hold of his own moped but also managed to recover someone else's.  

Avon and Summerset police have told the MailOnline that the incident is being investigated. 

The capital experiences moped crime reduction 

The shocking attack comes at a time when moped crime across London has halved [according to the Mailonline], thanks to tougher police tactics on such individuals. 

In your opinion, what‘s the best way to deal with moped criminals? 

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