Josh Herrin’s brutal MotoAmerica Superbike Championship crash

Watch: Professional motorcycle racer Josh Herrin has a huge accident on his Yamaha YZF R1 superbike. Rider OK.

Josh Herrin Crash

Josh Herrin - known for his skilful and flamboyant riding style - survived a massive high side wipeout during a warm-up lap on his Attack Performance Yamaha R1 superbike, as he competed in the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship. 




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The high side which completely destroyed his Yamaha R1 actually took place last year, but Josh has recently reposted the footage on his Instagram page, saying: 

“How did I live? Easy answer! My @alpinestars tech air suit! This thing has saved my life more times than I can remember” 

Maybe it’s a plug... but after seeing the brutality of the crash it’s incredible that he was able to stand up, dust himself off, and hitch a ride on a fellow competitors motorcycle back to the pits.  

He was completely uninjured during this horrendous warm-up lap smash, which was easily in excess of 140mph.

Josh Drifting an R1S

However, professional racing career aside, and before the huge crash, Josh received internet stardom in the past as he famously drifted his Yamaha R1S around the canyon roads of California. 

Only someone who is an absolute riding God could perform such a stunt. And if you look closely at 1:59 minutes, you can see that Josh is sliding the bike one-handed… I have no words to explain such wizardry!

To slide a bike with two hands is pretty awesome, but to do it one-handed absolutely baffles my mind. 

Do you think the Alpinestars Tech-Air suit saved Josh's life? Or was it simply lady luck? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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