WATCH a guy completely rebuild a Honda CBR600RR in 10 minutes!

This is so satisfying to watch. It’s not often you can watch a full nut and bolt rebuild of a trashed Honda CBR600RR in 10 minutes, but here’s that chance.

Watch a Honda CBR600RR be rebuilt by Benjammin Outdoors

This is an incredibly satisfying video to watch. YouTuber ‘Benjammin Outdoors’ has a 2008 Honda CBR600RR that he says was stolen & wrecked, and he decided to completely rebuild it - quite literally from the ground up. 

The full video is just over 13 minutes long, but the entire rebuild portion is condensed into a 10-minute segment in a seriously compelling edit, covering every single nut, bolt and bracket.

Looking closer at the condition of the CBR, the engine block has been damaged and (pretty poorly) repaired, so an engine rebuild is on the cards too, which is certainly no easy feat. He makes sure the thing actually fires up and runs first too, starting it up with a spare battery and a bit of trickery. 

Once that’s out of the way, the bike is disassembled piece-by-piece, with parts like the frame and wheels off to be powder-coated, exhaust headers cleaned up and aftermarket parts fitted (including a tasty Yoshimura exhaust). 

In particular, I found the whole engine rebuild outrageously entertaining and he makes it look far too easy (he doesn’t include the bit where he’s searching for the 10mm for hours). On closer inspection inside the engine, he shows the broken case that is protruding inside, sorted by parts from a donor engine.

This is genuinely like ASMR for motorcyclists, and when I came across the video I had no idea I’d find it so enthralling - although I’m certainly partial to a rebuild project! Once the CBR is back together, the fairings come on and the cherry is put on top. 

This makes me want to get a project bike, but I know that's probably not a great idea. Or is it...

Who knew a rebuild could be the most satisfying thing ever.

Whether or not you like the final styling of the finished CBR, the rebuild itself is well worth a watch. Top marks to Benjammin Outdoors - you can enjoy the extended episodes of the rebuild on his channel too, if you prefer.

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