Can you guess what Jonathan Rea picks up as his first motorcycle?

After passing his full motorcycle test, WorldSBK legend Jonathan Rea has picked up his first bike - and it’s not a ZX-10R!

Jonathan Rea gets his first motorcycle Kawasaki

Despite being an undisputed legend in WorldSBK with 6 concurrent championship titles to his name, Jonathan Rea didn’t have a road licence in his back pocket - that was until he flew through the full test process in his native Northern Ireland to achieve his unrestricted Category A. 

Now, after teasing us in his licence progress videos, he’s finally revealed to us the motorcycle that he’s gone for. My guess was ZX-10R, but I was a bit out with that one.

If you haven't already seen his motorcycle licence videos, give them a watch too.

Yes, it’s a Kawasaki - but it’s perhaps not the one you’re thinking of! Rea has decided on a 2021 Kawasaki Z 900 RS (£10,650) in Metallic Spark Black - a colour that he has been told is particularly rare in Northern Ireland. 

He probably gets enough time on a ZX-10R, so he’s opted for something a little more… relaxed.

His new Z family machine comes with an inline 4 motor that puts out 109 bhp & 98.5 Nm of torque, is fitted with 2-stage KTRC traction control & a horizontal back-link rear suspension, and something that Rea himself found particularly noteworthy, an eco-riding indicator. 

Never thought I’d hear a World Superbike champ say that!

First stop was the beach to test out that traction control, and we get a first impressions review from Rea on the heritage range modern classic. 

So if you’re a rider in Northern Ireland and you spot a Z900RS on the road with the rider getting his knee down everywhere, chances are you’re sharing the road with one of Northern Ireland’s finest. 

Have a watch of the full Jonathan Rea new bike video here:

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