Got Boost? Turbo Yamaha MT-10 boasts 230bhp

Purpose Built Moto has crammed a whopper of a turbo onto its latest creation, a boost-hungry Yamaha MT-10


While forced induction is viewed by mainstream motorcycle makers as a way of getting more power from smaller engines without creating quite as much pollution, there are still some people who see it as merely a method of turning fuel into fun!


The team behind Purpose Built Moto are just some of those people (the latter obvs!) and the latest creation to roll out of the Australian workshop they inhabit is just the kind of forced induction we like to see.

They’ve taken the cracking Yamaha MT-10 and breathed a little bit of life into the bike after its owner got a little over zealous with the boost valve. Once the bike was torn down, the team and the owner hatched a plan to rebuild the bike but make it more reliable and more ridable in the process.

To solve the problem they dropped the compression ratio, moved the inlet pipe away from the exhaust and routed it under the seat, and a new external dump valve was fitted. To help improve usability the team then had a new intercooler and plenum created and the net result was an engine that could produce between 230 and 260bhp. That'll do. 

Power is nothing without control, so the saying goes, and to help the bike stay (relatively) on the right path, Purpose Built Moto purpose built a new extended swing arm and the final touch is a dinky seat pad to stop the rider flying off the back at the first sniff of the throttle - safety first, and all that. 

Sadly ‘safety first’ doesn’t appear in the video you can see here, when the bike gets a test ride completed by a rider looking every inch a ‘squid’ in his shorts, t-shirt, and converse…

What a numpty.

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