Triumph Rocket 3 hits 60mph in 2.73 seconds!

The new 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 has shredded the rulebooks by hitting 60mph quicker than practically any other road bike

Triumph Rocket 3 Review

TRIUMPH’S Rocket 3 has rewritten the rules of speed after being clocked at an eye-wateringly fast 0-60 time of just 2.73 seconds.

The time was clocked when the Rocket 3 was at the Cartagena track in Spain last October, the premise was that it was there from some promotional photography and video - although when we saw the state of the tyres on the thing (we were there at the same time riding the new 2020 Street Triple RS) it was clear it’d been doing some fairly heavy track work!

Shortly after riding the Street Triple RS we were lucky enough to enjoy the new Rocket 3 at the press launch in Tenerife and while the Rocket felt quick then – the time it sets in the video above is still surprising!

It’s not so much fact that the Rocket feels slow when you ride it, quite the opposite, it’s a torque monster with the power of a pukka sportsbike from six years ago. It’s never going to be slow. It’s just that launching the 300+kg Rocket on a perfect road feels so refined, it almost feels like it can’t truly match the 0-60 time an F1 car – which are widely regarded to get to 60mph in 2.5 to 2.7 seconds.

So, if you want F1 car matching acceleration, don’t by a supercar or even an F1 car. Grab a Triumph Rocket 3, it’s much better looking and more fun to ride anyway!

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