Flooded UK motorcyclists brave thigh-high water during storm Dennis

A pair of intrepid motorcyclists haven’t let the floods from storm Dennis prevent them from riding

Flooded motorcycles

A video being shared widely on social media is showing a pair of intrepid (and maybe slightly foolish) motorcyclists braving thigh-high water as they navigate a flooded road.

With storm Dennis still bringing misery to many parts of the United Kingdom, widespread flooding and a months’ worth of rain predicted to fall in just a couple of days, the chances of getting in any meaningful miles on two wheels look slim at best.

The video above though shows that where there’s a will, there’s a way – or is that ‘where there is no other way, ride through a foot and a half of floodwater!' Either way, it shows bravery, skill, and luck in equal measure!

The footage was uploaded on February 16th and is reported to show to mid-weight bikes tackling some floodwater on the A684 near Wensley and Coverdale.

Impressively, both bikes seem to manage to ford the flooded road with relative ease, while a BMW saloon looks as though it succumbed to the water as it lies abandoned in the background.

Top tips for fording water on a motorcycle:

  • Let the engine cool before riding through deep water
  • Check the crossing prior to riding it – look for hidden obstacles
  • Never cross a large river crossing or ford alone
  • Sit down – you’ll be much more able to prevent a fall when sat down
  • Check the height of your air intake – if the water is higher, take another route
  • Make sure you have a toolkit to flush the engine if it ingests water
  • Take your time

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