These are the wildest motorcycle videos going viral right now

The save of the year, a Hayabusa in concrete 'shoes' and a pinned throttle on-board at Mugello - check out the BEST viral videos doing the rounds

Moto 2 crash sav

Sometimes it’s fun to binge-watch TV series. What’s also fun is watching hilarious, strange, and sometimes, darn right confusing motorcycle videos going viral right now!

So, to save you time, we’ve collected a selection of this weeks best. 

Busa biker gets into a sticky situation...

We’ve all likely nipped around the inside of a cone to avoid a bit of congestion during our time on two wheels. Unfortunately for this Suzuki Hayabusa rider, such a banal act resulted in him nose-diving his customized pocket rocket into wet cement.  


You can’t help but feel for the guy as he stomps away shaking the cement from his boots…

Ultimate Fireblade control 

Open face helmet, shorts, and a hoodie. Perhaps not the perfect gear to be stunting a 180bhp+ Superbike in…



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Regardless, this rider shows pure finesse and control as he lifts his Fireblade straight to the balance point - performing a pivot turn as a finishing move. 

Think you’re fast? Think again.

Moto E racer Niccolo Canepa never fails to amaze me. His speed, flow, and sheer courage all adds up to some serious track pace. 




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Hop on board with him as he expertly navigates through a mixed group of track day riders at Mugello. The overtakes are so savage I can hardly watch…

Best save ever? 

Come on we all thought this would end shiny side down? Yet somehow Moto 2 racer Steven Odendaal manages to keep it on two wheels - and two legs. 



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In super slow-mo, we can see every gravity-defying move Odendaal makes. He even grabs a handful of the front brake as his legs precariously dangle off his 765cc Triumph powered machine.  

Better still, this brings back memories of the one and only Randy Mamola so we must thank MotoGP for splicing him into this tweet for the benefit of direct comparison

There have been some incredible saves from the Moto GP series racers, but this one is up there as one of the best. With Loris Baz giving Steven a few congratulation emojis in the comments. 

Mirror… nope, signal… nope, manoeuvre… as quickly as possible.

Not sure what this car driver was thinking? Probably not much in the way of proper road etiquette. 




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The rider of this little Honda didn’t have much choice but to chuck his bike down and do a runner - definitely the right choice. Shame about the bike, but at least the rider is OK and not stuck under an SUV.