Here’s how not to hit a ramp on a bike!

Motorcycle stunt rider Cole Freeman takes a tumble as his Harley-Davidson falls from a stunt ramp

Here’s how not to hit a ramp on a bike!

A motorcycle stunt planned to take place at the Sturgis motorcycle rally has gone badly wrong after the rider of the bike hooked a false neutral on his way up the launch ramp!



On the approach to the ramp, we hear Cole miss a gear and brake hard to try and slow his approach to the stunt. With little time to stop the bike the front wheel weaves its way up the ramp and sees bike and rider topple over the edge, dropping eight feet and crashing into the street below. Shocked onlookers initially look confused as to what happened before quickly running to his aid.

The video has been posted on Facebook and has been watched over 300k times since it was posted on Thursday. The post read ‘Close calls and 8’ falls - Went to click into 2nd and hit false neutral - this is the risk we take and sometimes things end well others they don’t. Get down to @klockwerks for the party tonight I’m still jumping just not sure what! Thanks @junkyardkennystunts for keeping the camera rolling like a champ!’

Here’s how not to hit a ramp on a bike!

The bike Cole is riding in the footage is a modified Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750 and was planning to jump the machine over 80-foot gap, while stunt-duo the Ives Brothers were set to be riding inside the ‘Globe of Death’ – think hamster ball with bikes riding inside.

After the fall, Cole’s bike was patched up and repaired by Klock Werks custom motorcycles and they managed to complete the show – not before he overran his jump after clearing 135m and hitting the barricades!

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally welcomes over 500,000 riders to the worlds biggest motorcycle festival. It takes place from the 2nd to the 11th August and is seen by many riders and manufacturers as the highlight of the US motorcycle calender.

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