New electric land speed record for Delfast Dnepr set at Bonneville Speed Week

Prototype electric motorcycle from Delfast Dnepr hits a record 107.2mph at Bonneville Speed Week, a new record for electric powered custom bikes.

Delfast Dnepr Electric Motorcycle land speed record

What better way to test your prototype electric motorcycle than hit Bonneville Speed Week and break a new record, and one that you previously held yourself? Delfast Dnepr did exactly that with their prototype piloted by Serhii Malyk to 107.2mph!

Continuing to evolve the Dnepr over the years, Ukrainian rider Serhii Malyk was able to set the speed to beat in 2017 and 2018 on his Dnepr electric prototype, and the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats were witness to the latest land speed record. 

A rejuvenated Dnepr was taken over by Delfast, with the collaboration set to breathe new life into the legendary bikes - in this case, in the “A” Omega category for special production vehicles (the “A”) powered by electric propulsion (the Omega part).

Powered by a synchro electric motor with permanent magnets with a long power of 50 kW and short-term power of 100 kW, corresponding to 68 and 136 horsepower, with Malyk upgrading the controller with updated software for this 2021 run.

In order to carry bike & rider to a record speed, the motorcycle was fitted with 36 batteries with a 22,000 mAH capacity, providing a supply inverter voltage of about 800 volts.

That traction inverter provides an output frequency of up to 1000 Hz, which is necessary to achieve a motor speed of 5500 rpm.

It appears the custom frame is from a Honda CBR (it says so on the run certificate), and the motor and batteries seem to be from the Dnepr electric.

Considering Delfast currently holds the record for the longest distance travelled in one charge (228 miles) and now a speed record on the salt flats, is Delfast & Dnepr setting themselves up for a triumphant reign in the upcoming electric bike market? 

Perhaps don’t jump out of the gate just yet, there are production electric motorcycles out there that will exceed 107.2mph without breaking a sweat, so just remember this is a record for special custom-built electric bikes.

Could you build the next electric land speed record bike to content Delfast Dnepr?

Build a custom frame around an Energica EMCE motor and you’ll probably be the brief holder of a new record yourself, if you fancy it. 

We’ll just have to wait and see. Congrats to Serhiy & Delfast x Dnepr for setting the bar!

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