WATCH this mesmerising splash and dash around a sodden Nordschleife

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is fearsome enough without having to tackle it in driving rain and sodden conditions... but it doesn't stop everyone!

Andy Carlile, lap of the Nordschleife, Yamaha R1

For any budding racer or track day enthusiast, there is arguably no more challenging circuit out there than the notorious Nurburgring Nordschleife.

At 14.2 miles in length, the Nordschleife wends its way through the verdant Eifel Mountains - hence the nickname the ‘Green Hell’ - the venue is as well known for its fearsome reputation as it is for its gargantuan length.

Nevertheless, it’s actually one of the more accessible tracks for those who want to ‘come and ‘ave a go if you’re ‘ard enough’ which is why many enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Germany to say they have completed it.

Even so, there is the challenge of completing the track unscathed - and there are plenty of compilation videos on YouTube showcasing those that weren’t quite so fortunate as to escape the wrath of its short run-offs and ever-so-present barriers.

With this in mind, the track is a particualrly hairy one for bikers… so when you throw in driving rain and a completely sodden race track, then no-one would be blamed for perhaps waiting until the skies had cleared to tackle it.

But naturally there are those that will still have a go, which is why it is hard not to take your eyes off this mesmerisingly wincing lap by Andy Carlile as he powers on aboard a Yamaha R1 with a pinned throttle and a pair of cast-iron balls seemingly swinging around beneath him.

We’ve just had time to remove our hearts from our mouths to embed the video here… watch and ‘enjoy’.