Man survives flying off motorway flyover

A man has reportedly survived a harrowing crash that saw him run into and them vault over a motorway crash barrier

SV650 Crash

DASHCAM footage from the cab of a truck driving on Highway 15 in Canada has captured the moment a person riding a motorcycle was involved in a harrowing crash while trying to exit the freeway.

The rider, whom it is reported to have had no licence or registration for the bike, was filmed on Wednesday on the offramp to southbound Highway 15 from westbound Highway 40 in Montreal. Video footage shows a yellow sports bike entering the frame from the left of two lanes. Instead of taking the left turn down the off-ramp – which in our opinion he could have easily made at that speed – the rider seems to carry straight on and into the barrier on the right-hand side of the road. The rider’s lack of experience is even more telling by the way he applies the brakes, with them only going on a split second before he collided with the wall.

The rider is them vaulted over the wall that protects the edge of the road, closely missing some of the barrier-mounted signage that should have warned him of the approaching turn.

The driver of the truck, Rob Nugent, stopped and got out to try and aid the rider. He can even be seen flagging down a police officer for help. “If I didn’t stop, I knew that guy was probably not going to get found, at least right away,” he told CTV.

The rider in this incident was seriously injured, although the damage is not considered to be life-threatening.

If anything, the clip goes some way to showing that simply ‘owning’ or having ridden a bike before does not constitute being a motorcyclist and that staying off the roads until properly trained is always the best way to stay safe.