WATCH the classic Honda RC30 come to life in nostalgic promo clip

Who wouldn't want to spend a few minutes on a Sunday morning drooling over some close-quarter shots of the Honda RC30?

Honda VFR750R RC30

At Visordown we know which motorcycles grab our readers attentions more than others and, frankly, we can never go wrong with the Honda RC30.

Honda alone has produced some classic motorcycles over the years, but for many the VFR750R (aka. RC30) is regarded as its zenith. 

Created to be homologated for entry into the newly launched WorldSBK Championship way back in 1987, the fully faired sportsbike moved the game along with its striking styling and 90-degree V4 engine.

Certainly a labour of love for Honda engineers who together with producing all manner of motorcycles to keep people moving were just as committed to developing models that stirred emotion and were the pinnacle of what their engineers could produce.

That’s the thinking behind this throwback video dating back into the 1980s which shows the Honda RC30 being meticulously prepared down to the finest of details.

Naturally for something of its time, the production values of this promo vid aren’t painstakingly high but it’s awash with slow-moving sweeps of a stunning creation and set to a soundtrack orchestrated by it’s meaty V4 engine. What’s not to love?

This video has jumped to our attention only a few weeks after Honda announced it would be launching a refresh project in Japan for those that still own an original RC30.

Indeed, while there are many that endeavour to take great care of their machine, as time goes on it is harder to find genuine parts to keep it as close to the original as possible without borrowing from elsewhere.

Which is why Honda is stepping in to preserve the memory of arguably one of its most famous racers by using modern methods to reproduce parts just for the VFR750R (RC30) to keep them in mint condition more than three decades on.