Loading a motorbike onto a trailer with an ironing board actually works

…but we wouldn’t really advise it 

Man loading bike onto trailer using ironing board

I’ve always been in awe of people who are able to load motorbikes onto trailers or into the back of vans while making it look completely effortless. Lacking somewhat when it comes to upper body strength, pushing motorbikes around isn’t something that comes easily to me. 

And so, I’m especially impressed by this video we stumbled upon on Reddit. You see, to get a motorbike onto/into whatever transportation device you’re using, you’ll need a ramp. Thankfully, these are cheap, with the most basic costing not much more than £30, and even fancy options won’t break the bank. 

This man didn’t have one, though, nor even a sturdy plank of wood and needed to load his broken-down BMW G650 Xchallenge onto a trailer. The solution came in the form of something a little more flexible - an ironing board. 

Loading a bike with an ironing board
byu/MargusMoto inmotorcycles

This sounds like the setup for something you’d see on one of those YouTube fail compilations, but no - we see the trusty ironing board bend a little when each wheel goes over, but it holds up just fine.

The video does cut abruptly at the end, leading to some commenters in the Reddit thread worrying that disaster ensued just after. Not so, our ironing board hero confirms - his wife (whose idea this whole thing was in the first place) stopped filming “because she was certain I was about to be mangled by the bike. I wasn’t”. 

Most impressively of all, the ironing board seems to survive the ordeal, ready to be deployed to make this couple’s Sunday best looking crisp. However, all that being said, we can’t really recommend trying to replicate this yourself.