Keanu Reeves chats with fans about his Arch Motorcycle in Malibu

Hollywood star and all-around nice guy Keanu Reeves takes some time for fans in Malibu, whilst out for a ride on his custom Arch Motorcycle.

Keanu Reeves Arch Motorcycles

KEANU REEVES seems to be an absolute saint, he’s always got time for his fans, is eternally regarded as one of the nice guys in Hollywood, and his motorcycle company Arch motorcycles will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. 

The actor was spotted in Malibu, California, presumable taking a break on a ride. A few fans approach him to compliment his KRGT-1, and he has a few minute chat with them before riding off into the sun. I’m not sure exactly where they are in Malibu, but it’s apparently a bike-haven - consistently throughout the video you’ll see stunning bikes (and even a few nice cars) driving around.

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In the clip he rides off on his custom Arch motorcycle KRGT-1, a V-twin 2032cc producing an obscene amount of torque, with Ohlins & Arch collaboration suspension kit front and rear, carbon wheels, and a distinct sports-cruiser style with a long wheelbase. Or, a performance-cruiser, as they call it, and they look unreal.

Keanu founded Arch Motorcycles with buddy & bike-builder Gard Hollinger in 2011 when he wanted a bike built - the conversation turned from building the perfect bike, to building their dream motorcycle company.

Then here they are 10 years later continuing to build their dream motorcycles with soul, they may not be quite in the price bracket for most of us, but if you can afford one...  

Keanu Reeves talks Arch Motorcycles with fans

What would you do if you were an immensely successful Hollywood actor with a passion for motorcycles? Yes, you’d finish filming Matrix 4, but then you’d start building hand-built custom motorcycles with a mate. Ride on, Keanu!