Is this the greatest save - and race finish - of all time?

Saved the high-side? Check. Just kept out of the barriers? Check. Skated across the finish line on your knees.....? Check

Niklas Ajo

Professional racing riders have all experienced moments on their racing paths, but we imagine few have been as bizarre as this one by Niklas Ajo on the final lap of the 2015 Dutch Moto3 race at Assen.

The Finn was flicked into a high-side just moments from the chequered flag, Ajo coming off the bike but clinging onto the handlebars - throttle still open - not only caught the squirming bike beneath him but kept it out of the barriers despite coming remarkably close to them but then hauled the bike over the line.

Oh, we should have said, he's doing this on his knees. You need to watch this...

The greatest save AND the strangest finish of all time?