This is NOT how to keep cool in Europe’s heatwave

Biker goes for a naked ride to keep cool during Europe's heatwave... and we don't know where to look!

Naked biker

WE LOVE the open road. The feeling of freedom, the rush of the road… it is indeed very liberating.

It can get a bit stuffy in that gear though we’ll admit, but at Visordown we are very much safety first so before we go any further, we implore you do suit up no matter the circumstance, even if temperatures are soaring as they are across mainland Europe at the moment.

Indeed, you definitely shouldn’t go to the lengths demonstrated by this rather brave (foolish) nudist motorist in Brandenburg, Germany to feel the wind in your folds because you will be stopped. And ridiculed on social media.

Whilst we admire this man’s, erm, courage, here are 5 very good reasons explaining rather obviously why this is NOT a good idea!

1. You run the risk of some pretty nasty grazes (at best) in some potentially awkward places. No-one needs red raw scrotum, amongst other things…….

2. It’s pretty illegal, nor can it be pleasant to have a pair of police officers laughing at your plight before popping it on Twitter, which is then picked up by widely-read publications such as Visordown (and the BBC!)

3. That’s surely going to result in sunburn, not least from the sizzling seat. At worst, tan-lines that are very hard to explain

4. It’s very distracting to other motorists who may have just eaten. 

5. You’ll cool down but you’ll also be covered in dead flies.

He is wearing a helmet though, so thumbs up for that, but get that man some under crackers schnell!