Could the motorcycle replica mask become the new COVID-fighting fad?

Do you love your motorcycle enough to wear a replica of its front-end as your COVID-repelling mask?


It’s a stark sign of the time when not only do we need to factor in ensuring you have a mask on your person when you’re grabbing your keys, wallet and phone on your way out of the door, but you’re also taking a moment to think about how stylish you look in one.

In much the same way you flick through the rack in a clothes’ shop - or rather click through the virtual scroll online - there are many to whom a standard PPE will just not do when it comes to making a precautionary statement when out and about.

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For motorcycle riders there is nothing more ‘PPE’ than a helmet, but in those moments when full facial coverage is perhaps not appropriate or practical, why not plump for this stylised mask replica of the Yamaha R1M?

Full disclosure, the mask you see here isn’t full PPE. In fact, it doesn’t take a scientist to realise this doesn’t meet anti-viral or anti-droplet requirements with its use of felt, while the ‘aerodynamic’ design, though certainly eye-catching and faithful to the motorcycle it is based on, doesn’t appear to have the same levels of coverage you’d hope for in a world surrounded by COVID-19.

So why bother? Well… good question. 

If for nothing else it is certainly a statement and an impressively detailed demonstration of what it calls ‘needle felting’ and in much the same way you might spend an afternoon making origami (if that’s a thing), it’s an entertaining little project.

It has got us thinking about whether there is a market for something like this but adhering to full PPE specification. Would you wear the front-end of your beloved motorcycle on your face and if so, which model would you choose?