Mono-tracked all terrain vehicle, the Hamyak (or Hamster)

Powered by a 150cc scooter engine, the Hamyak is a custom-built all-terrain vehicle designed for the roughest of terrains. And can fit in a boot!

Hamyak hamster mono-track atv

INTRODUCING the Hamyak, the all terrain vehicle with a mono-track designed by Eduard Luzyanin, first assembled in 2020 for the All-Terrain Vehicle Trophy. 

Named after its similarity in looks to a Hamster - apparently, I don’t see it - the small scale vehicle is roughly the same size as a kids bike, and has a single snowmobile track putting down the power from a 150cc Chinese scooter engine in the centre cavity.

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Having seen this riding back and forth in a video, my instant thought was exactly how the rider would turn this thing, and it seems that it’s a common question. 

Eduard explains that whilst it handles perfectly well on snow, sand and softer grounds, turning it on hard surfaces is difficult, but not impossible. You simply have to pin the throttle and transfer your weight to the side whilst it rears up beneath you! Or lean whilst riding, and hope for the best. 

Specs for the Hamyak mono-track all terrain vehicle

Weighing in at 85kg, the Hamyak is designed to be chucked in the back of a van or jeep for the continuation of any epic adventure where 4 wheels may not quite be good enough. It has a claimed top speed of 27 mph / 43 km/hh, but the three shock-absorbing rollers don’t quite offer the pinnacle of suspension, so it can be a bit unwieldy at those speeds, and 12.3 mph / 20 km/h is a better option. 

At those speeds, the fuel consumption is around a litre per hour, with a 10-litre tank - and 5-litre canister on the rear. Adventurers will find space in the front and rear trunks for their gear, with a standard set of tools fitted: 15m of rope, a hatchet, folding saw, light, compass and thermos all secured to the frame. 

It was initially built as a one-off, but someone approached Eduard to build another version - and he happily obliged. 

You’ll have to check out the video of this thing in action, turn on subtitles and enjoy! This thing is mad.

Sources: Yandex & DesignBoom