All Valentino Rossi fans need to see this exclusive behind the scenes interview!

Opening his doors to Graham Bensinger, Valentino Rossi shows off his illustrious Motor Ranch and opens up about his life & career in this series of videos.

Valentino Rossi - Petronas SRT Yamaha, MotoGP

Valentino Rossi is easily one of the most recognisable names in motorcycling, and following his retirement from racing in MotoGP, the nine-time champ is graduating to an almost mentorship role with his VR46 racing team - but before all that, he has time to show Graham Bensinger around his racing paradise in Tavulia, Italy. 

In a 15 episode ‘docu-series’ (or the 21-minute full episode), the Doctor shows Graham around, chatting about his history and future, and in general opening up with the American journalist known for interviewing big personalities in his ‘In Depth with Graham Bensinger’ series. 

Covering topics like his alleged $163 million tax evasion case, Marco Simoncelli, and even baby Valentino with his partner Francesca - it’s well worth taking the time to watch the series. 

In the first video, much to the dissatisfaction of the motor ranch track manager, Rossi heads out on the muddy & wet track for a bit of a drifting session in his Ford Focus ST with 400 bhp - as Rossi says, a bit of a rally experience…

In any case, you get a real sense of the charisma and charm of Rossi, he really opens up to the camera (as always) and it’s a great watch, and not often you get to see a guided behind the scenes guided tour of his home!

Valentino Rossi behind the scenes tour

I wondered why Rossi would pick an American journalist to film this series, and it may be as simple as him being a big fan of the ‘In Depth’ series - or it could be a means of marketing his brand to an American audience that may not be fully aware of the Italian rider. 

Did you know, Rossi picked his iconic 46 racing number because his dad was wearing that number in 1979 during his best season (finishing third) - 1979 being the year that Rossi was born.

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