WATCH: Motorcycle thieves snatch bike under the noses of police

A shocking video found on social media seems to show a group of brazen motorcycle thieves taking a bike while the seemingly powerless police look on

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A video has been uncovered which seems to show a group of hood motorcycle thieves snatching a motorcycle and riding it away, while the police, who are just yards away, look on.

Motorcycle thieves snatch bike under the noses of the police

The video has been widely circulated in the motorcycle theft awareness community, and we found it on a popular motorcycle theft prevention Facebook group. While there is no confirmation that the video is genuine, the blue light set up on and stickers on the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up and the Vauxhall Astra do seem to look legitimate.

In the video a group of police looks to have stopped some riders and drivers at the roadside, seemingly taking their details prior to processing. Another group of people arrive riding three or four presumably stolen bikes and seem to take an interest in a Yamaha MT-07 that is parked between the police cars.

While a police officer stands just a few yards away from the bike, heard verbally taking the details of those already detained, one of the youths steps off the back of one of the scooters, walks over to the MT-07, kicks it off the stand, and pushes it away.

All the while, the officers on the scene look to make no attempt to stop the youth and prevent him from taking the bike. While it’s possible that the criminal to cop ratio in this one wasn’t in their favour – and they could run the risk of the already detained people making off – it goes some way to proving that a police presence of any number, really doesn’t deter this type of criminal.