Haslam: "Pay me or I'm not racing"

UK ace gives team ultimatum as financial gloom descends

BRITISH ACE LEON HASLAM told his Stiggy Honda squad he would not be racing at Imola unless he was paid a considerable amount of money owed in wages
- that's the latest from Visordown's WSB insider.

It's reported Haslam was owed a substantial amount; things between the Brit and the team came to a head just before the Imola round where Leon apparently refused to ride unless he was paid his dues.

The situation has now been compounded by the news that the Stiggy team has split with financial partner (money-giver) S2 Racing.

"I am thankful for what the partners of S2 Racing have done for the team," said Stiggy Racing Honda Team owner Johan Stigefelt. "S2 Racing has given the team an opportunity that would have been hard to achieve on my own. It is just very disappointing to conclude that they failed to fulfill their commitments with the team throughout the year."

"Although I am left in the dark financially, I still feel the responsibility to continue the season in a successful manner and give the support to the team, our riders and our staff to ensure that they, together with our partners and sponsors, continue to be part of a memorable year."

So not expect Stiggy Racing to be around in 2010.