MotoGP: Rossi at centre of tyre marking uproar

Was Valentino on soft or hard tyres for Sunday's race?

GERMAN Grand Prix winner Valentino Rossi has come under scrutiny over the Italian's tyre choice for Sunday’s race.

TV footage shows Rossi's bike shod with, what looks like hard compound tyres, as there's no sign of the tell-tale white banding around the sidewall. But Davide Brivio, Fiat Yamaha’s team manager told commentators that the eight-time world champion was on a softer compound front.

Brivio's potential clanger has provoked many to question why Rossi's rubber wasn't carrying the white banding.

The comment has sparked speculation that Rossi and his team have been busy scrubbing off the markings in order to mislead the competition.

Earlier this season, Dorna implemented a new rule that softer slicks have to be marked with a white stripe around the sidewall.

In 2004 Rossi fell foul of the law when members of his team did a burnout on the startline the night before the race, in a attempt to make Losail's dust-strewn grid a little more grippy.

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